ANPR Cameras

ICU’s Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras are leading the way with extreme accuracy in all environments – day and night. The perfect solution for Schools, Shopping Centres, Caravan Parks, Fuel Stations, Clubs and Hotels.


ANPR PROTECTIONRecord and verify vehicles within your premises – Day and Night. 

Vehicle movements on your property have never been easier to monitor with every vehicle registration plate captured and stored on the NVR hard drive. Alerts can be set for nominated vehicle registration plates to alert staff LIVE on arrival via text and/or email, increasing security and hospitality for staff and customers. 


Benefits of ICU’s

Automatic Number Plate Recognition


Capture every vehicle registration plate


Live alerts sent to phone for unwanted vehicles


Zero annual maintenance or license fees


Stored on hard drive for easy retrieval


VIP notifications tailored to your needs

When you need to search for a vehicle registration plate, it’s very simple, below is how it works:

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Security Cameras

You can't win a Formula 1 Car Race on a push bike, that's why ICU works hard to determine which camera works best for every single application - day and night.

ANPR – Licence Plate Recognition

Our ANPR cameras will capture vehicle licence plates on entry/exit of your property and store the number plate details on the hard drive for future reference if required.

DVR/NVR – Recording Units

Quality resolution and stability in recording are the keys in producing the desired results. ICU has spent years investigating and testing products to provide the best value for money DVR/NVR units.

Solar Security Cameras

Remote location? Building site or remote gate with no power? No problem with our Solar Camera Units. Recording on motion, you can receive high resolution video on your mobile phone 24 hours a day.

Completing a $25 Million Club renovation, it was critical that we engaged with a reliable and trustworthy company to oversee our Clubs assets.
Our venue now has well over 150 cameras in operation all installed by ICU.
Their experience in camera placement in large venues was critical to the installation and also the results consistently being achieved.

The technical support on offer from the ICU team never disappoints.

Richard Bone A.C.C.M.

General Manager – The Builders Club

See the Difference with ICU

With over 20 Years of experience in the CCTV industry, we have the expertise to manage any project from start to finish to ensure you receive the most professional result possible.